We believe that the IMPERFECTION with which NATURE creates what seems UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from anything else is the highest form of QUALITY that we can observe and mostly which we intend to preserve as PROTAGONISTS of the AGRICULTURAL CHAIN.

We believe that BIODIVERSITY is a universal PATRIMONY and it makes each COUNTRY unique pairing TRADITION and INNOVATION.

We believe in the production of a NEW MODEL OF ENTERPRISE that engage each of us, therefore the entire CHAIN and every moment dedicated to the WORK and CARE necessary to reach the BEST GOALS.

You are the farmer and at the same time the best consumer if you respect the nature and the commitment necessary to be part of it.

Our WoopEvo Community is able  to share common values and generate new consumption by reducing waste.

We believe in the “CULTURAL CONTAMINATION” as a form of INVESTMENT able of PRESERVING AND IMPROVING the environment and our planet, as guests.

We believe in the alternation of SEASONS, therefore there must be a specific time for sowing and one for the harvest, we also believe in the importance of being able to respect both of them and meantime of being able to TRACK the ORIGIN and the entire CHAIN of the VALUE which we are all part of.

Quality, Goodness, Sustainability, Accessibility are human rights as HEALTHY NUTRITION and it’s important to share the experience to be part of the infinite STORYTELLING of “TASTE”.

We believe that the BEST PRICE is always the RIGHT AND EQUAL one.

We believe that Food is a heritage of HUMANITY and that it has turned in the best tool for CONVIVIALITY because it helps SOCIALIZATION, but it also serves as a concrete example of how DIVERSITY must be considered a VALUE that we all may recognize.

We believe that the LOVE FOR WHAT IS GOOD may be contagious, and that it is fundamental to teach what really is the quality food in order to generate POSITIVE ENERGY and POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

We believe that it is really important to be GRATEFUL for those who every day, from dawn to dusk, devote themselves to ensure that we all ARE WHAT WE EAT.

We believe that buying an Italian product is an act of trust and we are grateful for it so we work hard to offer you EXPERIENCES of what HIGH QUALITY actually is and to make you really happy.

Doing THINGS RIGHT and for the GOOD OF ALL makes us happy Woopers.