EVO Menu


Choose the best

There are thousands of people in the world who want to know what and how to choose the best EVO for their daily diet. Thousands of people who would like to combine the best EVO with their taste choices. Thousands of people who would like to know and recognize the characteristics of different EVOs. There are thousands of people who would like to spend time and money on an EVO Experience.
But unfortunately there are no restaurants that meet this desire.
That is why, we are looking for Restaurants and Chefs who want to be the best EVO Partners for the growing community of EVO followers, above all, able to satisfy a demand thanks to a high quality offer.”
We developed the EVO Menu and we organize EVO Events.
People will pay to participate!
Your frequent customers, as a result, will have one more reason to love you and new customers will appreciate you for your originality.
EVO Events:
EVO tastings with the presence of an expert sommelier of extra virgin olive oil, a nutritionist and one or more producers. People will be able to learn the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of a wide range of EVO. Each person present will receive an EVO sampling.
EVO Special Dinner: we suggest to create a Special Dinner using one or more EVOs on Woop Selection to enrich the gastronomic experience. Our experts will be able to support your Chef in the choice. Each person will bring home sampling of EVOs in the menu.
EVO Cards:
– this is a real MENU that allows restaurants to offer and sell a selection of EVO in combination with selected dishes in their Food Menù in 100ml format.
– the menu also includes three different types of Tasting that customers can choose from  a range of combinations of 3 to 6 different EVOs served with a description card and special bread).
“The EVO Cards have increased the average bill by 20-30% for the restaurants that have adopted them!”