EVO extravirgin olive oil it’s not for everyone


A new market that does not slip away, EVO Super Oil

Back from the fair in Verona, Sol&Agrifood (Vinitaly2019), the shoes always a little more worn than the day before and the brain increasingly aligned with our corporate mission, starting the Evo revolution.

A lot of interesting meetings.

We met dozens of companies and professionals, listened to stories and tasted the best EVOs in Italy.

We talked to some buyers and potential customers.

How much work and how much dedication and innovation in the production process of extra virgin olive oil.

Really an immense value that translates into an increasingly valuable product, especially when it is strongly linked to the territory and does not give in to the globalizing temptations of any intensive agriculture.

EVO it’s the Top for the Health!

Discussion with some nutritionists: “extravirgin olive oil is the gold of health.

This should be known by all mothers who pay attention to certain things and who instead to run into false campaigns such as palm oil, which can deplete the environment but does not alter physical development, or the one on vaccines that is going around the world.

No one talks to mothers about the EVO!

Nobody talks about EVO to women, who invest millions in antioxidants and pharmaceuticals.

No one talks about EVO to sportsmen, in fact it is the best ally for those who have to combine training and nutrition.

No one talks about it to the elderly people who would benefit by slowing down cellular aging.

There is little talk of extra virgin olive oil.

The world of insiders instead exudes initiatives and specializations.

There are the great experts, then the tasters and sommeliers who take part to courses anywhere and find themselves around tables full of ampoules or cobalt blue glasses.

There are prizes and winners who are rightly proud.

Then there is an unconscious world.

That goes through an inattentive and unprepared distribution that treats our EVO as a commodity (and here I point out “our” to talk about Italy, because the Spanish instead are equipping themselves for a while and are a step forward from us).

The extra virgin olive oil on a par with any pack of flour or pack of peeled or mineral water bottle.

An old-fashioned distribution that does not satisfy a rapidly evolving market.

Yes, because on the other hand there is a careful market.

They are those who do not eat randomly or by chance but those who eat and choose how to do it in the best and healthiest way.

They are what Nielsen defines as “the golden ones” in terms of lifestyles.

i.e. the careful ones, those who fill the shopping cart with products for intolerants, the offer of sushi and sashimi, the Bio label and sustainability certifications.

In Italy these are already over 18%. And what is more surprising is that these people spend 30% more than others on food and beverage.

Abroad, such as in the UK, they are the same people who spend twice as much as the others to have lunch and dinner at the restaurant and therefore seek for quality and service.

When they go shopping, they stay longer in front of the shelf and read the labels carefully before buying any product.

They are the same people who post online experiential content to share with their group of friends because they are convinced that they are an active part of the great circle of information dissemination.

In between there is the b2c distribution system (food retail) and the restaurants.

Fortunately, here too, we were able to identify the Innovators, the Knights of Quality, the champions of customization in favour of a one-to-one service.

These are the ones with whom, we are writing the history of EVO 3.0.

And it goes through an engaging approach, personal and at the same time, digital and innovative. We are writing and we will write the new rules and, who knows, maybe soon we can talk about EvoBlockchain.

WoopEVO is ready to debut in society! Stay tuned!!!